What would you do if somebody told you that they thought you were cute?

me too.

Do you think you'd be god of a new world if aiz's afro wasn't cut off?

this is

a really good question.

Have you ever had/wanted a pet cat named Jeorge?? (Jeorge is a much cooler name than George)

it really isn’t.

Hey Light, how big is the real Death Note?

you can google that shit you know.

(bigger than your dick)

Do you know how I can fight with a blindfold on? If you get this wrong I get a cookie. ^_^

darling you can have all the cookies you like because I’m sure not going to damage this hot figure with confectioneries

Did U kill my cuzin's dog?????????????????????????????????


yeah  I did.

Okay, so, what happens if you write the name of someone in the death note like Jessica Jones and picture her face and write down her unique death; HOWEVER, her name is not Jessica Jones, it is Jessica Robinson; BUT SHE CHANGES it to Jessica Jones after she marries many years later. The question is, will the death note work???

which part of birth name did you not understand

you didn’t see Mikami writing Mr Nate Optimus Prime, did you

if shinigami's eyes could help you to see through other peoples' clothes, would you get them?

what fuck

which Death Note anime did you watch

the one you rent from the adult section of the dvd store or

do you like being kira

omg do you have to breathe to stay alive what kind of a dumbass question is this.

Do you ever stop to think that maybe your accidentally killing innocent people? Who've been wrongly accused?

collateral damage wHATEVE R I’m still getting all the actual dickheads.